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Birthdate:May 27
Location:Arizona, United States of America
Website:Kyanve @ Plurk
Recent Psych graduate, currently employed as a pharmacy technician. I write science fiction and fantasy + fanfiction, do some artwork/fanart, and absolutely love dumb meta, overthinking worldbuilding, and occasionally tossing resource things out. Currently have a 23 year old Hahn's Macaw named Lotte as a roommate + a bunch of plants. I play a lot of video games when not whacking my face against different series/writing. Genderqueer/Gender-fluid, grey-ace, engaged to someone not active on DW but who shall be referenced occasionally. I also have a few original fiction projects that'll occasionally get talked about. May also be some discussion of GAD etc. occasionally.

I grew up on D&D and sci-fi/fantasy, and am a fandom old; I don't do a lot of NSFW, but will tag/cut-text any that does happen.

Main current fandoms are Voltron: Legendary Defender, Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Star Trek, Star Wars, Final Fantasy, Castlevania, D&D, Pathfinder, and World of Warcraft.

Current Ongoing D&D/Pathfinder Groups: House on Hook Street, Strange Aeons (Play By Post), Strange Aeons, 5E Homebrew Setting

I very much subscribe to the old Live And Let Live policies of fandom. With regards to ship wars, Morality Policing, purity culture, etc., this is the most accurate summary:
What Should Be The Fandom Mantra
In other words, usually I could care less besides grumping about people being dicks or trying to bully/abuse/force their opinions on other people rather than Not Reading/Seeking Out Things They Don't Like and Letting Other People Have Their Own Tastes And Things That Make Them Happy. "Antis" incredibly unwelcome.

My Archive Of Our Own Profile

Currently one of the mods at [profile] maison_de_portes, which is slowly transitioning towards sandbox due to mods being eaten by life.

Currently sort of active RP accounts:

AT [profile] maison_de_portes
NPC's - Sil/Kir, The Tyger, The Green Man, Baker, Fishmonger
Thancred [personal profile] humble_scholar
Kuja [personal profile] silver_lucifer

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